Markets & Applications

Serving a Wide Variety of Industries and Many Applications

Bellows products provide the moving force to actuate switches, to provide accurate control for regulators, to enable precise measuring gauges, and to ensure reliable sealing of valves. In general, our products can be used in response to temperature or pressure change. They are used in many industries and applications such as; HVAC heating systems, aerospace and automobile applications, medical equipment, measurement and control systems, weight technology, power generation, oil and gas exploration and extraction, semiconductor high purity and vacuum applications, and seals for electrical distribution equipment. These are just a few of the myriad applications and diverse industries served.

Markets Served


Aerospace and defense markets utilize Fulton’s products for fuel control, flight controls, air-to-air missiles, oxygen generating systems and satellites, among other applications.


A long-term supplier to the automotive industry, Fulton supplies products such as thermal actuators, switches, valves and throttle position sensors.

Electrical Distribution


Fulton’s products have a wide variety of uses within the industrial market and can be found in such applications as household and industrial hot and cold-water plumbing controls, heating and ventilation systems, and industrial boiler applications.

Instrumentation & Control


Medical market applications include gas control systems and can be found in operating rooms in surgical procedures.

Bellows Assembly - Medical Industry - Steam Sterilization

Oil & Gas

Power Generation

The power segment consists primarily of customers who produce products which are instrumental in the generation and distribution of electric power.

Renewable Energy





Basic and Common Applications